Staircases. A work-in-progress. .
“There’s a staircase on the first floor of the Capitol that I walk every day. It’s made of marble, and as you walk those steps, you think of those who’ve walked before you. You think of the challenges that the country’s faced.”
– Kevin McCarthy



Half a year has gone since i started drawing One Piece fanarts since December 2016. What started as drawing for fun becomes a routine.
Among the Strawhat crew, i’m still left with Chopper which i haven’t draw.

Recently, i read an article on how to make drawing a habit after you are motivated to draw. As we all know, motivation is good, but you can’t just be motivated, you need to take action. I thought this is helpful.


1- Have clear intention.

2- Start small. Set smaller goals that you can achieve and then increase with time.

3- Celebrate small wins by giving yourself rewards, like eating a chocolate.

4- If you skip one day then punish yourself by making yourself not eat chocolate that day, the point is to not do something that you love doing daily because you skip drawing.

5- Get drawing buddies, you will feel encouraged to practice.

6- Mark your calendar for 30-day plan . Plan to draw different types of Mugs for 30 days or something like that.

You can read the whole article via this link:


市場に乗って, 進行中の作業
Équitation sur le marché, travail en cours

Recently, i have come across quite a number of friends and acquaintances who struggles from anxiety or panic attacks to depression.
I shared a note on my facebook which i hope will help some people. The link is here [LINK]. There are many helps available, people who struggle with anxiety or depression don’t have to struggle alone.

Once again, i’m very excited to be painting a little again. Although as compared to my fellow compatriots in the illustration industry, i’m still way behind them.
A while ago, a few friends that i know suggested that i try to paint more fanart pieces such Pokémon or One Piece. I think it is a good idea to do that. However, the problem with painting fanart is that, while it draws public attention, and you will notice a sudden spike in your viewers or likes, it probably won’t last long unless you keep creating the fanart that the fans adore.
What i hope to achieve in the long run is to have sufficient portfolio of ORIGINAL artwork so that people will recognise my style and differentiate me from the rest. It all depends on how you make use of fanart genre to boost your viewership.

Well, until the next piece.

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