“The Chef and his Assistants”

Happy New Year to all of you out there!

Manage to squeeze some time out to work on this a bit. I like how it turns out, but there are more work to be done.

I often see hawker stalls having long queue, what if they have the help of little robots?




One Piece Sketches

Strawhats Ship Doctor Tony Tony Chopper VS Dr Hogback, world-reknown Surgeon; One of the Mysterious Four of Gekko Moriah. .
“You’re not fit to be called doctor,  today I will stop you from making any more zombies.” – Chopper


Sometimes, our little dreams seem so far and so naive for others who heard it.
Sometimes, people just need a little bit of push and a little bit of clarity for them to believe.
But most of the time, you need to remove all cynicism and skepticism before you can believe.

One Piece Sketches

Strawhat Pirates Captain Luffy VS Enel, ruler of Skypiea.

The Story:
“There’s an island of gold up in the sky!”
“You’re crazy! How can an island be in the sky?”

“It’s been 400 hundred years, since the war in the skies began.. what we have sought since then…is to ring the bell one more time.”

“Let it ring all the way down..
For 400 hundred years..
The City of Gold! Was here in the sky!
Can you hear it?! Mister Diamond Heeaad!
Can you hear the sound of Vearth singing?
Can you hear the flame of Shandora?
The City of Gold was up there all along.
Let it ring all the way down.”

– Strawhats Pirate Captain Luffy


One Piece Sketches

Straw Hats Pirates Archaeologist, Nico Robin VS Yama, the commander of the Divine Soldiers under Enel.
“I will teach you the severity of destroying history..!!! Cien Fleur Delphinium!” – Nico Robin to Yama, after the latter damage several historical architectures on Skypiea.

Nico Robin’s dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history.

“Cien Fleur” literally means “Hundred flowers” in French. Cien Fleur Delphinium means “Many flowers blooming in profusion.”


Work-In-Progress !! Upcoming next ~ The beautiful Nico Robin!

My one piece sketches are finishing soon (Or maybe not!). Drawing fan arts gives me drawing mileage and practice on the pens and pencils; while i try to come out with original stories on my own at the back end.

Keep reading up stories, and incubating ideas for your next project. Don’t stop scribbling.

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